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What are the buyer closing costs?

Buying a property is one of the most exciting events in a lifetime.

The Buyer generally will pay:

1. Lenders title policy premium, if is a new loan;

2. Escrow fee, one half; Document preparation, if applicable;

3. Notary fees, if applicable; Recording charges for all documents in Buyers names;

4.Homeowner's Association transfer fee, one half;

5. All new loan charges (except those required by lender for Seller to pay);

6. Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to first payment date;

7. Assumption/change of records fees for takeover of existing loan;

8. Beneficiary statement fee for assumption of existing loan;

9. Home warranty premium per contract;

10. Hazard insurance premium for first year;

11. and All pre-paid items, such as interest, or funds for an escrow account.

Let Title Experts of South Florida provide you with a free quote today. We offer competitive and accurate fees so you can plan and be ready to enjoy your new real estate home.

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